Who is Actio Consultancy?

Your help, in times of need.

Who is Actio Global Consultancy? Actio is a network of service companies that focus on business consulting, IT, translation, legal services, accounting, outsourcing, and private investigation services and more around the globe.

We are a one-stop, non-stop shop for all professional services that a person may need, anywhere in the world

Actio Global Consultancy


Who are our clients?

We are open to all types of clients.

Everybody is welcome and we aim to service clients that are looking for translation services or legal help as many people who are looking for private investigation agents for personal or business reasons.

For example this week we had two clients come in that we’re looking for help because they were scammed by criminals, who managed to collect money on a contract but failed to deliver what was promised and disappeared into the night.

This case is currently underway and Actio is working hard to reclaim the funds lost and prosecute the would-be scammers, on behalf of our clients.

We are confident in the likelihood of success with this as we have expert lawyers in Thailand available that specialize in this exact type of legal work.


Where are we located?

Actio has a network of offices, in locations like Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Thailand.

Why are we in these locations?

 This is important as shareholders of Actio are of European origin and have recently identified the potential in Asia and have started an office in Thailand, as they see Thailand as the gateway to Asia.

With our experience and global resources, Actio is primed to revolutionize the consulting industry in Asia.

There is a very large expat community in Asia predominantly in Thailand.

Europeans love to visit and relocate to Thailand and as such there was an increased demand for services from the Thai market at our European office, to the point where we felt to need to open up an office in Thailand, so we can better serve the Thai community.

Hence, we are now present in Thailand with a beautiful office in Chiang Rai fully equipped with European staff.


What is our plan for Thailand?

We expect in Thailand to service our clients predominantly in the first year with business and legal consultancy services.

With regards to legal consultancy, our services are particularly popular with family, business, civil and criminal cases.

We are surprised by the number of calls we get from the local clients and could not have imagined the need for professional help being so large in this country.

This is why Actio is looking for more staff in Thailand, to be able to meet adequately meet the demand at the level of service our clients have come to expect.

We are also providing services to people who wish to relocate their residence or business to Thailand, so relocation services will for sure become more important by the end of this year and next year as travel to Thailand opens up again.

We decided to start this year, despite Covid-19 as our logic is when you can make it during a crisis year, our business model is global crisis proof, shock proof and future proof. 

One of the reasons we predict our business will thrive is with the economic crisis, followed by the virus, a lot of people got into problems and will require real professional expert help, to get out of their misery, and achieve the best outcome possible.

We are there to take their hand and help them through these difficult times.


What makes us so different?

We realized that, for the level of quality and service we provide, there is very little competition in this industry apart from the big 4, however a lot of clients are afraid to enter those offices, as they come with a different price tag.

We endeavor to provide the very best professional consultancy, with the highest level of service, with value for money, so that we make sure we can help our clients within their budget.

We want to provide real value, and never want to alienate clients with a high sticker price.

So I would like to invite anybody in Thailand who needs legal, business or relocation services to contact us we are here on stand-by to help them any way we can.

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