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English & Thai speaking, foreigner friendly, specialist Visa Consultancy. Visas can be very difficult to understand and can change often, but don’t worry. We have seen it all and know exactly what to do. We’re here to help you, you can relax and let us do the heavy lifting.  

For visa advice, with a no-obligation consultation on how we can solve your visa issues, question, or concern, contact us today. 

DBD Verified Consultancy Business Thailand

Actio Consultancy is a five star rated visa consultant, that is also fully registered with the DBD.

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Thai Visa Consultancy

Thai Visa - Fast and Easy Visa Solution


If you any questions or concerns over gaining a visa in Thailand or abroad, have a free consultation with of our specialists today. We have streamlined the entire Thai Visa application process to be as fast and easy as possible. No more waiting weeks to months, we get it done fast.

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What We Can Do

1 Year Non-Immigrant Visa

The most popular visa we consultant on and facilitate, as it gives you the freedom of multiple entry, to come and go as best suits you.

Thai Marriage

Actio helps make aquiring a Thai Marriage Visa as simple as possible. Let us take the pressure off so you can enjoy being newly married.

Thai Retirement Visa

Want to retire somewhere beautiful? Thailand is perfect and Actio has the perfect solution for you. Let us handle your Thai Retirement Visa.

Thai Business & Elite Visa

Want to invest or start a business in Thailand? Actio Consultancy knows exactly what you need. We can help you from start to finish.

Permanent Resident Visa

Many people want to live in Thailand for many reasons but find it difficult to do so. Actio make its as simple as possible.

Work Visa

People come from all over the world to work in Thailand. A work visa can be confusing, Actio makes it very easy.

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Thai Visa Consultancy

A Different Kind Of Thai Visa Consultacy

From start to finish, we make sure the process is simple, easy, pain and risk-free. We will consult with you on the best options available in your case, and then help you achieve that visa. We are the only Visa Consultancy firm, we are aware of, that guarantees the safe delivery of our clients passports. Our clients are given a contract, that says while their passport is with us, we are liable for the safe return of it. As an officially registered company in Thailand with the DBD, if a customer has a complaint, they are able to take it up directly with the DBD. This level of care for our customers and risk free service, is unmatched by any other Visa solution, because your safety is our responsibility. 

Thai Visa & Immigration Consultancy Actio

Actio International Consultancy is the only professional, officially registered with the DBD, Thai company that can offer the complete range of short and long-term visa consultancy.

With no hassle, we’re able to consult on and handle the whole process for you. From Retirement, Marriage, Volunteer, Guardian, Medical, Education,
Dependent and Business Elite visas, we do it all.

Actio International Consultancy is also your partner in arranging, without headache, your business visa and work permit, as well as your 90 day reporting.

All 100% official, legal, and legitimate. So don’t wait any longer, book a free consultation now and see how we can quickly and easily help you with the perfect visa solution.

How to get a long term Thai Visa?

If you’re reading this, then you’re obviously looking for a longer solution with your Thai Visa, compared to just risking it across the border with several border runs a year. So I can talk from a point of mutual understanding between us, we both know that finding an easy solution for a Thai Visa, or dealing with immigration in general in no walk in the park, right?

Like most of our clients, you’ve probably spent time searching online trying to find a suitable solution that allows you to stay in Thailand. The Thai Visa Forums are full of contradictory guesswork from “big brain” expats who think they know it all, but often know very little. Our service is designed to cut through all that noise, we don’t just have real-world connections and knowledge of EXACTLY what you need to do, but we will even do it for you.

We are the absolute best Visa Consultancy Service in Thailand, there is no comparison to the level of service we provide. We are not Thai “Visa Service” or “Thai Visa agency,” these are services that will just bulk sell visa applications, we are very very different. We are the whole package, run with western business principles and run by Europeans, with the level of service westerners are accustomed to.

We even contractually guarantee the safe transit and return of your passport. As we are an officially registered company with the DBD in Thailand, we are 100% liable and accountable for looking after your passport while your Visa is being processed and stamped. This level of professionalism and risk-free service is unmatched by any other visa solution out there.

You will be surprised what can be done when it’s done right. Even if you think that maybe yours is a lost cause and we can’t help, contact us now for a free consultation, you won’t be disappointed.

All Visas in one place

We offer help and consultancy with ALL types of Visa related solutions, questions or troubles. We are an all-in-one consultancy solution, there is nothing we can’t solve or advise on. Some of our most popular Visa Services include.


Actio Consultancy works fast, we will get your Visa application processed quickly. Other solutions can take a long time but we work fast.

Cost Effective

All our Visa solutions are priced appropriately, we never charge more than is required.


We have made the entire Visa process steamlined as possible. No more headaches, Actio Consultancy is here to help.

1 Year Non-Immigrant Visa

This is the most popular visa we consultant on and facilitate, as it gives you the freedom of multiple entry, to come and go as best suits you. You have the peace of mind you can stay in Thailand longer term without having to worry about whether or not you can get in on the next border run.

Marriage Visa

Firstly, congratulations! We are very happy for you. However, we’re not happy for the paperwork headaches and immigration hoops you will have to jump through here in Thailand, and in your home country to make it official. This should be a happy time not a headache time, and unless this is taken care of properly, it likely will be. I’m sure you’ve read horror stories on Thai Visa Forums of people dealing with immigration trying to get their marriage visa sorted. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, let us take care of it for you. You can relax, knowing it will be taken care of, pain-free, and get back to enjoying your time with your new wife.

Retirement Visa

So you’ve worked hard all your life and now it’s time to ride off into the sunset in the land of smiles? But wait, what’s that? There’s a mountain of paperwork to climb over, and headaches consistently at every step of the way to get and maintain this Visa? Don’t worry about it, our done for you service is ideal for this. We’ll meet you over a coffee, let you know how we can take care of all of it for you, and then do it. Allowing you to enjoy your hard-earned retirement, with peace of mind that’s it taken care of. Life begins at retirement, don’t spend it at the immigration office. Call us today.

Business Visa

Thailand presents a lot of business opportunities, provided you navigate the legal and risk factor minefield that it presents for those who haven’t lived and done business here for a long time. If you are new to doing business in Thailand, I can not recommend seeking professional help enough. Even if it is not with us, trust me, this needs to be done if you are to succeed here. 

Our expert consultants have been doing business in Thailand for decades, and as the most all encompassing holistic solution, we are the absolute number 1 choice for foreigners to do business in Thailand. Get in touch with us today, even if you never use our services, you will be much better versed in doing business here. You will also be made aware of what’s available for your business, going ahead in the future, complete win win.

Permanent Resident Visa

You love Thailand and you want to make it your home right? You’re not alone, me too. We’ve been there and managed to make that dream a reality. Having been for decades, we are well experienced in this type of Visa and the requirments actually needed for it. Don’t go by all the speculative advice given by know it all expats online, we are the professionals, we are the most up to date and connected to the immigration offices. 

We know the quickest and easiest ways to get this done for you. Our Thai Visa done-for-you service is ideal for this. We will sit down with you over a coffee, discuss your exact situation if you eligible for this visa, and if not waht can be done to make you eligible. We will then take care of the whole process for you from start to finish, giving you peace of mind and security that it’s been taken care of, and you can relax knowing you can finally build a life in Thailand, with your new Permanent Residents Visa. 


Recent Reviews

"I will just say this, if you want to be in Thailand long term, contact them now. Unless you've already been here years and can speak fluent Thai, for a Farang it's near impossible to navigate through the minefield alone. Thailand is a wonderful country, but it has it's difficulties, and immigration is one of them. These guys removed all barriers that were immovable for me, and I'm now able to stay long term, all 100% official and legit. I was so worried before as I thought I'd have to go home and leave my girlfriend. But thankfully I can breath a sigh of relief, relax and enjoy my time here. It's been a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Thank you."
Actio Review from Mark
Mark Eccles
Freelance Accountant
"I was genuinely very stuck until I found these guys. With amnesty ending and no real solutions for a long term visas, I was recommended to Actio by a friend who use them before. All the advice on online forums, was like a brick wall, offering no solutions I wanted. I was so surprised what could actually be done. We had a coffee, discussed some solutions, I picked the one that suited me best. They were able to take care of the whole process from there. I now have a full official longer term visa, that was sorted out over coffee. Compare that to the hours and hours I have spent pulling my hair out at immigration offices and the guess work of deep in online forums. I will be recommending your services to pretty much everyone I come across."
John Macreedy
Digital Nomad Marketer

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