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“This is a long review, but I’m leaving it as I’m so thankful and will explain at the bottom why. 

I was really lost until I got help. I met a woman on my holiday in Phuket 2 years ago, she was really sweet and pretty and we got on so well. I’m a well-off guy so I had no problem buying her gifts, treating her, and making her feel special.

 At the end of my 1 month holiday, I had go to back to the States, we stayed together in a long-distance relationship.  She told me she had no one else and we spoke on the phone every day. I was very much in love with her. 

I made sure she was taken care of and sent money each month, and bought her gifts often. When I was able to finally move to Thailand to be with her, I wanted to buy a house for us both to live in. I know Thai law makes it hard for a farang to fully own land in Thailand, so she convinced me to put the land in her name and the house half in my name.

After buying the house, I was to fly to Thailand in the next 6 months. She very quickly became distant and less interested, picking arguments over nothing. I didn’t know what was up and thought maybe she had a secret boyfriend.

Before moving my entire life to Thailand, I needed to find out. I found Actio originally online for private investigation, I hired them to find out what the heck was going on. I was worried she was cheating with a secret boyfriend, but what they found was much worse.

She had LOTS of secret boyfriends, she does this as a business. She dupes men into falling in love with her to get gifts and money, she is apparently a well know person for this, and has done it to thousands of men, and even sells a course on how to do it for other women! I couldn’t believe it, like something out of a movie! I was so embarrassed and angry, I had told my entire family I was moving to Thailand for this woman.

I confronted her about it, she didn’t care, cut all contact with me, and has apparently already sold the house. My name was on the deeds so I should be able to get some value back out of the house, it was a 5 million baht house! She won’t reply to my texts and has blocked me on everything else. 

I understand if you give something to someone, you can’t really reclaim it, however, this is different, she is running a full scam as an operation, and defrauded me. I want what’s mine returned and her prosecuted. 

Actio’s legal team has been instrumental in helping me with this and helping me build a case against her. It’s going really well so far. 

I’m writing this review because if this has happened to you too, I urge you to contact Actio and see if they can help. It may even be the case, where it’s the same woman and if so that would not just really help my case, but my case would also really help yours. The more people involved, the stronger our case will be together, and we can get justice

I highly recommend Actio Consultant with regards to Thai romance scams, they have been amazing. 


Retired Dentist

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Thai Love Scam Recovery in Easy 4 Steps

1. Contact Actio

Get in touch today, we will consult on your individual case and give advice for how to best proceed. 

2. Investigation

Our expert investigators with boots on the ground all over Thailand will track the scammers down and gather evidence. 

3. Legal Process

We have lawyers that specialize in these exact types of cases. We will take this person through the  appropriate legal channels and courts to reclaim your money.

4. Money Reclaimed

We have an extremely high success rate and will reclaim the lost funds on your behalf, and get you justice. You can now breathe a sigh of relief and move on with a happier life. 

Recent Reviews & Success Stories

I met a Thai woman online last year when on holiday. We were dating for a few days and she wasn't like other women, she sometimes paid for meals, etc, and didn't seem after my money at all. I asked what she did for a living and she said she invests in cryptocurrencies, I was very impressed but I didn't think anything suspicious. After two weeks of dating, she suggested I invest too, in the platform she uses as it was working for her. She advised me in which to invest, and because I trusted her, I invested £200 to start. I saw it work and when I went back to the UK 2 weeks later, it had now gone up to £1000. She advised me that it was going to go much higher and that I should take advantage of it. So I invested more and more until I had put in £30,000 but my return had gone to £150k! I couldn't believe it, but when I went to take some out, they said a 10% withdrawal fee, so £15k to get my money out! I contacted Actio to see if they could help, they found out she was part of a group of scammers who do this as a business! They were able to track down her business partners and put pressure on them to return the funds. They then informed the police, gave them all the evidence and they are currently being prosecuted. Amazing, thank you!
Private Investigation in Bangkok Review
London, UK
A woman I was dating for a while in Thailand. I thought I was her only boyfriend, turns out she had lots. She even had a webcam streaming job where men from all over the world would send her money for naked pictures and more. I was one of several boyfriends she had, giving her money and gifts. She would always send me quick video messages like "miss you baby", "love you baby" etc, never saying my name. I realize now, she was more than likely sending these non-specific videos to each of her men. When I found about this, we had a huge fight and broke up. Then on her dirty online webcam site, she uploaded videos of us being intimate together, which is totally illegal in Thailand. I have a respected job here, and I could not have this online. I reached out to Actio, they were able to have the video removed from the site, sue her for damages and prosecute her on my behalf. Let's see how many men she can scam from jail!
Bangkok, Thailand

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How do we catch Thai love scammers?

In short, we use a combination of expert digital and physical private investigators to gather evidence and build a case, we then engage our expert legal team to take the scammers through the courts, reclaim your funds and where applicable and if the client wants, prosecute them. 

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We are the only service in Thailand with experts in reclaiming funds lost from Thai romance and love scammers. 

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Our clients trust us to always have their best interests at heart. Our clients needs comes first, always. 


We are very proud of our high success rate, in reclaiming our client’s funds and seeking justice on their behalf. 

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How do we reclaim your funds?

Once our expert investigators have found the scammers and gathered the evidence, our legal team is then engaged to reclaim the funds through the Thai courts and official channels. 

Even if you are unsure, as to whether you have a case or not, or feel you aren’t able to combat this romance scammer, we want you to know that help is at hand.

You will be surprised at what we are able to do for our clients, to help reclaim their funds and seek justice. 

Find out how we are going to help you, and contact now. 

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