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Understanding Thailand’s complex criminal law system can be a difficult task for many Thais and foreigners. This is why Actio has compiled Thailand’s best team of foreigner-friendly, English speaking & Thai Criminal Lawyers. 

We are not here to judge, regardless of your personal circumstances and your legal troubles. We have seen it all and know exactly what to do. We’re here to help you, you can relax and let us do the heavy lifting.  

We offer a no-fee,  no-obligation consultation for any advice we give for your criminal case, and any answer for any questions or concerns you may have, so contact us today. 

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Actio Consultancy is a five star rated Legal Consultant, that is also fully registered with the DBD.

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Some Of The Reasons You May Need Our Thai Criminal Lawyer Services

Small Crime Accusations

Embezzlement Accusations

Drug Accusations

Extradition Issues

Sex / Partner Accusations

Money Laundering Accusations

This is a small sample of the services we offer. Regardless of the accusations levied against you, we are your number 1 choice in defense. To find out how we will help you succeed contact us now for a free consultation.

Western Friendly Criminal Lawyer

Thailand Criminal Lawyers

Having a Thai criminal lawyer with a proven track record of success, and who speaks English is paramount for any foreigner in Thailand who has run into any legal trouble. Actio strives to provide Thailand’s premier legal consultancy service, with the goal of providing the best, cost-efficient legal advice to all, regardless of their racial,  religious or socio-economic background.

Actio has provided Thailand with over 20 years of the best legal consultancy available. Over this time, we have painstakingly established ourselves as Thailand’s premier law firm. We have lawyers who specialize in all areas of law. The vast majority of law firms in Thailand focus almost exclusively on business law, which consists of only a few areas of service, which means even fewer of their lawyers have ever even been inside of a courtroom. We have the edge over competitors, as most other law firms have a fraction of the expertise or experience in comparison.

Criminal Defense Attorney Consultancy

A Different Kind Of Thai Criminal Attorney Consultancy

Nothing less than perfection

Actio Consultancy, has always striven to provide the best consultancy service available throughout Thailand. We connect our clients with the top professionals available in their chosen fields. We ensure, from start to finish, the entire process is smooth, simple to understand, pain, and risk-free. 

We have helped thousands of clients get their desired outcome in their legal cases, and we can help you.

We offer Thailand’s premier legal consultancy services with no-fee, no-obligation, can you really afford to miss out.

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Recent Reviews

"I had a DUI case. As a foreigner in Thailand, I was nervous I couldn't get adequate legal representation, or find a lawyer who had my best interests at heart. I had never had to use a criminal lawyer before, so my friend recommended Actio Legal consultancy. I had some reservations, but I am sure glad I did hire them! They did exactly as advertised: No probation, no suspension of my license, and all charges dropped! These guys are amazing! I would recommend them to anyone in need of a Thailand criminal lawyer."
Private Investigation in Bangkok Review
Anonymous Client
Managing Director
"After 6 years of what I thought was a happy marriage, me and my wife separated and then divorced. I was really worried about my assets, I have some here in Thailand but have more abroad. Actio helped me out so much in all this. They protected me from losing an unfair amount, which I thought was impossible in this county. They also were then able to advise me on how to better protect my assets in Thailand and abroad much better. The legal side of what they offered was fantastic, but I really wasn't expected the full tax, business and investment consultancy to come along with it.

Actio is is the real deal, and the whole package. So impressed with a service like this in Thailand. I can not recommend these guys enough. I'm writing this long review, purely as a thank you for what they did for me. Thank you guys, it's been great and look forward to working together much more in the future.
Thailand Divorce Review
Mark Webb
Real Estate Investor
"Actio provided me with the best criminal lawyer available in Thailand to fight my charges and get me out of an extremely bad situation. Their Thai criminal lawyer demonstrated a firm grasp on my situation, despite the circumstances of my case being unique. They quickly formulated a strategy to help beat the charges. Before and during the case, they kept me updated and well informed of all the legal proceedings and all possible outcomes of my case. Their skills exceeded my expectations, and their presentation of facts and cross-examinations really shone in the courtroom. Their familiarity with many previous case laws - which they cited in the courtroom, helped get the charges dismissed, as well as citing one obscure case that had very similar circumstances as mine really drove home the argument of the case being settled in my favor. I am extremely happy with their services and would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone in need of a Thailand criminal lawyer Thank you, Actio"
Private Investigation in Bangkok Review
Retired Ex Lawyer

Thai Criminal Law Consultancy Done The Right Way

We offer ALL types of Legal consultancy. We are an all-in-one Thailand Lawyer Consultancy solution, there is nothing we can’t solve or advise on. People Choose us because we are…


Actio Consultancy works fast, we will get the results you need fast. Other solutions can take a long time but we like to work fast.

Cost Effective

All of our Thai Criminal Lawyer Services are priced appropriately, we never charge more than is required.


We never leave a stone unturned, we always do our utmost to find the most information for our clients


We operate very professionally. We never judge and we never tell. Our team are experts you can count on.

Some Of Our Most Popular Services


In Thailand, fraud crimes are becoming increasingly normalized in personal and business lives. Actio’s thai criminal lawyers have accrued considerable knowledge in this area, and have become Thailand’s leading experts in this field. We have experience on both sides, by helping our clients prosecute those who have committed fraud against them, as well as defending clients accused of committing fraudulent crimes. Actio will always look out for your best interests in these matters and will seek the best resolution possible for you.


Employees and business associates are the most common groups guilty of this crime. There are usually serious repercussions to those accused of these crimes. Actio guarantees the best legal representation possible for all Embezzlement, fraud, and White collar crimes, as our Criminal lawyers specialize in these areas. We have prosecuted thoses who have committed these crimes against our clients, as well as defended clients accused of embezzlement.


The outcome of a drug case hinges on the quality of evidence presented to the court by the prosecutors and police. If you are arrested in Thailand as a foreigner on drug charges, you may think your situation is hopeless and you can not fight. It is our job to challenge the testimony of the police and their witnesses, with the goal of discrediting the protocol and practices used by the police when arresting you.


If you are accused of crimes in another country and you are fighting an extradition charge, it is paramount you have the best legal representation possible to look out for your interests and fight for your freedom. The legal processes for extradition in Thailand are lengthy and convoluted, and there are many stages through the process where it can be stalled or even ended altogether. Actio promises to provide you with the best Thai criminal lawyer with the most experience in extraditions as possible, who is always on call to help consult with you over your case.

Sex Crimes

Thailand has very severe punishments for those convicted of sex crimes, so having a Thai criminal lawyer who understands the legal system and specializes in knowledge of sex crime laws is your best chance of fighting your charges. Actio will mount a vigorous defence and staunchly defend against all accusations, with the aim of getting our clients acquitted and all charges dropped.

Money Laundering

Governments worldwide looking to increase their tax revenues are increasingly trying to prosecute those suspected or accused of money laundering. This is a serious crime, with serious implications if convicted. Actio puts all possible protections for your assets and freedom in place, while your reputation is vigorously defended 

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