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Thailand's Top Private Investigator

For a free consultation on how to get the answers you deserve, contact now.

With cost effective solutions at all levels, from personal to corporate, no job is too big or small.

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Private Investigator Thailand

Trusted & Discreet Private Investigation​

If you have questions, you need answers. We’ll get you those answers. Whether its a personal or corporate investigation, Actio has the expert investigators for you.  From cheating partners to gathering evidence for large legal cases, we’ve done it all.

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Our Most Popular Services

We offer a huge range of PI services to new and current clients. We are dedicated to what we do and always strive to be the best. Below is only a small sample of the most popular consultancy services we offer. If you need something not listed here then send us a message here.
Private Investigator

Infidelity/ Cheating Surveillance

Worried about your partner? Actio’s Private Investigators will discreetly and professionally get you the answers you need. Better to pay for the truth now, than risk finding out they have a secret partner years later, or even have to pay for a DNA test.

Pre Marriage Check Actio Consultancy Thailand

Pre-Marriage Checks

You wouldn’t enter a business relationship without doing your due-diligence, why should a marriage be any different? You’re committing your life and assets to this person. Still married to an ex? Not faithful? Or just not the person they say they are. We hope to find nothing, but we’ll find the truth.

Corporate Investigation Actio Consultancy

Corporate Investigation

We do it all, if you need information, we can get it. Whether it’s involving a member of your staff, issues with a client, insurance fraud, evidence gathering for a case, digital forensics, bank fraud or anything else, we will get the answers your company needs.
Actio Consultancy Asset Search

Asset Search

Do you think your partner or spouse hiding assets? Actio can find out for you. We will uncover what is hidden and where. You deserve to know the truth.

Actio Consultancy Missing Person Locate

Missing Persons

People go missing for many different reasons, but time is of the essence. Actio’s network of expert investigators
across Thailand can find them faster than anyone else available.

Actio Consultancy Background Check Thailand

Background Check

A very common service and an essential one. Before you hire someone or go in to business with a person or company, you need to have the all the information, so you can make the best decision. Actio will expertly get you that information.

Private Investigator Thailand

Trusted & Discreet Private Investigation​

If you have questions, you need answers. We’ll get you those answers. Whether its a personal or corporate investigation, Actio has the expert investigators for you. From cheating partners to gathering evidence for large legal cases, we’ve done it all.

Book your consultation now and get the answers you deserve.

All PI Services In One Place

We offer ALL types of Private Investigation Services. We are an all-in-one PI solution, there is nothing we can’t solve or advise on. Clients choose us because we are the most…


With a huge network of PI specialists, we have the best suited Private Investigator for your individual case and circumstance.


Our experts are the most proficient secrecy and discretion. The target will never be aware.

Cost Effective

All our PI solutions are priced appropriately, we never charge more than is required.


We operate on the highest standard available in terms not just of our work, but also our customer service and case sensitivity.

Private Investigator Thailand

A Unique Style of Private Investigation

We don’t use a one size fits all approach with just one investigator. Every client is unique and has unique needs and concerns. A large corporate investigation client is a very different ball game from investigating to see if a wife or husband is cheating.  We aim to provide the absolute best service in all investigation cases, and here’s how:

 Other private investigation services, will have a couple generic private investigators that they use for all cases, but not us. With a large network of specialist investigators, we will consult with you, to understand your specific needs and assign the perfectly specialised investigator or investigators to your individual case. No other service in Thailand can offer this level of case to case expertise.

We are also unique in that customers know we are an officially registered company in Thailand, with the DBD. This is important as the client knows we are an official company in Thailand and an entity they can trust.  Clients have the peace of mind knowing, that if they ever a problem or complaint, they are able to take it up directly with the DBD. This makes us the perfect risk-free choice for anyone who wants to make sure they get the real value from a service they paid for. This level of concern and care for our clients is unmatched by any other Private Investigation provider in Thailand. 

Have Concerns Over Your Partner?

With expert investigators all over Thailand, Actio Consultancy provides the most trusted and discreet private investigation service available. We will be your eyes and ears on the ground, so you are always in the know.

From Background Checks, Pre-Marital Checks to Corporate Investigation, if you want to know, we’ll find out for you. Professional, discreet and effective, for years Actio has been the number 1 choice for thousands of clients, to get the answers they need.

Book your consultation today, and get your answers. 

Infidelity / Cheating Surveillance

Infidelity private investigation in Thailand is one of our most popular services.  Unfortunately sometimes partners lie, sometimes its “white lies” and sometimes it’s bigger ones, the more a person has to lose, the more they may lie to protect it. Sometimes they lie for unselfish reasons (to protect a lifestyle a partner can offer for the sake of a secret child) or sometimes it is for selfish reasons. Whatever it may be, Actio’s experts in romantic partner investigation will uncover truth.

In order to be able to properly relax and be comfortable in your relationship and build a life together, you need to know the truth, hopefully we can give you that peace of mind and show you your partner was faithful. If we can’t do that, and it turns out they are not faithful, do you think it is better to find out now? Or ten years too late? It’s a question of, the cost of hiring a private investigator now, verses risking the cost of the best years of your life, or most of your assets in a messy divorce? Or even worse, needing a DNA test on what you thought was your 8 year old son?

These are indeed harsh examples, but they are included because they are real life examples we have seen. We will save you the risk of this pain later, by finding out the truth now. Our discreet monitoring service means your partner will never be aware, and no matter where they go, we will be able to follow. We will be your eyes and ears on the ground, and you will have all the answers you deserve.

Pre-Marriage Checks

If you are about to go in to business with someone, you should do your due diligence right? Well with even higher stakes when entering a marriage in Thailand, why would you not do the same? If for nothing else to have peace of mind knowing that you can trust your spouse to be.  If you get the answers you want, and you know you can trust them when you aren’t around, you will have a stronger marriage as a result.  Our pre marriage checks involve us providing the most discreet monitoring and surveillance service available in Thailand. We use state of the art equipment and tactics to make sure we provide the most in thorough private investigation possible, without the target ever becoming aware. While our service is very cost-effective, with infidelity common in Thailand, can you really afford not to get the answers? Contact today for a FREE consultation.

Background Check

Before you go in to business with a company, person or even hire someone, you want to know if its a good fit right? We all do our due diligence here, but what about information that is not easy to come by? In order to make the correct decision, you need to have all the essential information, we will get that for you. 

You don’t have to take the risk of making a huge costly mistake by hiring the wrong person or going in to the wrong business partnership.

Our secret and discreet investigators will get you the answers you need without the person or business ever being alerted to our information gathering. 

The cost of a background check is small compared to the cost of doing business with the wrong person. 

Corporate Investigation

Corporate private investigation needs in Thailand can cover a wide range of  services like due diligence, asset search, public records search, embezzlement, pre-employment screening, litigation support, company back ground investigation, land ownership verifications, employment verifications, tracking employee behaviour abroad to name a few. What ever your businesses need is for answers and information, we’ve seen it all before and we’re here to help. As the most professional and discreet corporate private investigation service in Thailand, Actio Consultancy is here to help. Contact today for a free consultation and find out how we can help you get the answers your business needs. 

Asset Search

Thailand is a huge country with a large population, its easy to hide assets where no one is looking. Business partners or spouses often lie about what assets they have for fear that they will lose them in a legal case or divorce. However, if you need to know what they have and what its worth is. They may be hiding wealth in a multitude of ways, a boat, 10 cars, maybe 2 extra homes or much more. We just don’t know until we investigate, but that is a lot of money that you may have full legal claim to, it may be rightfully yours and they are hiding it. We can carry out an asset search and find where these assets are hiding or if there is anything to be found. The cost of hiring a private investigator to find out the truth here, may be nothing compared to how much the truth is worth. 

Why Choose Actio Consultancy

Why we are the best Private Investigator Service in Thailand


With 80 years experience in the International consulting space, Actio takes that hands on experience ad expertise to Thailand. Setting up businesses, scaling marketing, handling tax, immigration, legal liabilities and much more. We have seen it all.

Private Investigator

We offer a huge range of Private Investigative services that match your budget and needs. What ever your need may be. We have the experts and the resources to solve it. There is no other service like this in Thailand, or globally.

Highly Recommended

All of our services are 100% official, and highly recommended by our customers. We pride ourselves on our honesty and being trustworthy.

Recent Reviews & Success Stories

I’m not including my name, as I used Actio for Private Investigation, but I’m reviewing as I’m grateful for their service. I work a lot abroad and due to the pandemic I haven’t been able to come back in to Thailand since it locked down. I was worried my wife of 1 year, may be seeing someone else, for reasons I won’t get in to. They carried out their investigation over 2 weeks in Bangkok where she lives. They were very thorough, professional and discreet. I won’t say what they found, but let’s just say I’ll be using their legal consultancy throughout the divorce. My advice would be, if you have doubts or concerns, use Actio to get you some answers
Actio Global Consultancy
Discreet Customer
Managing Director
I was genuinely very stuck until I found these guys. With amnesty ending and no real solutions for a long term visas, I was recommended to Actio by a friend who use them before. All the advice on online forums, was like a brick wall, offering no solutions I wanted. I was so surprised what could actually be done. We had a coffee, discussed some solutions, I picked the one that suited me best. They were able to take care of the whole process from there. I now have a full official longer term visa, that was sorted out over coffee. Compare that to the hours and hours I have spent pulling my air out at immigration offices and the guess work of deep in online forums. I will be recommending your services to pretty much everyone I come across.
Actio Global Consultancy
James McCreedy
Digital Nomad Marketer
“I’ve been using Actio Consultancy for a range of business services for a over a year and I can highly recommend them. I first found them with the mystery shopper service and they were great. My staff was actually performing ok, they weren’t rude or lazy when I wasn’t there which I was happy about. But they were really in depth and provided our company with lots of insights and tips on how to improve not only our customers service, but also our whole sales process to be more customer focused and profitable. It’s helped a great deal, customers find it much easier to purchase with us and we see a lot more repeat customers now. I can highly recommend Actio Consultancy.”
Actio Global Consultancy
Samboon Thongkham
Managing Director

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