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From personal scams to corporate fraud, we specialize in tracking down all kinds of scammers, holding them accountable and recovering your money. Your money is not yet lost, but it’s important to act fast.

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Recent Reviews & Success Stories

I ordered PE coated food-grade paper from a supplier in Thailand for a product of my company, which we manufacture in Portugal. After we ordered, they claimed that they sent the order, and that it was held up by customs and that they shipped to Europe. They claimed that there were import costs and we had to pay it to them directly, they would then pay the customs where it was locked and delayed. We said we can pay it directly and asked for the documents and direct contact information to speak with them. The documents they provided looked suspicious so we found Actio online via Google and had them look into it further through due diligence. Turns out it was ALL fake, there was no customs delay and they never even shipped any order. They claimed they did, but the tracking information wasn't real either. We demanded a refund and they refused, saying they did ship it and that none of it was their fault. Actio found where they were located and put legal pressure on them to provide the full refund or we would take them through Thai courts. Thankfully Actio was able to get the money back for us without having to go through the courts. These scammers wouldn't do these kind of things if it didn't work, I would say a lot of people are just left helpless with this kind of thing usually. Very happy with the service I received with Actio and I'm happy to recommend them.
Nadine Mclaughlin
Belfast, United Kingdom
My US based company was defrauded by a company we went into business with, in Thailand. They falsified records to make it look like they had more assets and collateral than they did entering into business relationships. With the nature of the business, there are specific reasons why this is a huge problem, but I won't get into it here. When Covid hit and things didn't go as smoothly as we would have liked, we were forced to call upon the collateral of both companies, in percentages already agreed. However, they put up substantially less than they originally claimed they would or could, meaning my company was to be left with the bill. This was not a small amount of money either.

They attempted to defraud us with false documents thinking it would never be found out. We are currently suing the company with the help of Actio. They have been amazing through the whole process, and we are close to reaching a successful conclusion.

Melody Franklin
Portland OR, USA

Asset Recovery Experts

Scam & Fraud Recovery in Easy 4 Steps

1. Contact Actio ASAP

It’s important to act fast. Get in touch today, we will consult on your individual case, give you advice for how to best proceed and what we can do to help. 

2. Investigation

Our expert investigators with boots on the ground all over Thailand and further, will track the scammers down and gather evidence for your case. 

3. Legal Process

We have lawyers that specialize in all types of scam and fraud cases. We will take the scammers through the appropriate legal channels, government departments and courts to reclaim your money.

4. Money Reclaimed

We have an extremely high success rate and will reclaim the lost funds on your behalf and get you justice. You can now breathe a sigh of relief and move on with a happier life. 

Some Of Our Most Popular Services

Nitrile Gloves Manufacturer in Thailand

Covid & Medical Equipment Scam Recovery

With the pandemic, there has been a huge shortage of medical equipment used to help cope with it. These include nitrile gloves, mouth masks, PPE, general medical equipment and more. With this huge surge in demand, there has also been a surge in related scams. Fake companies or fake representatives of real companies are selling these items for export from Thailand, with no intention of fulfilling these orders. If you have been the victim of this type of scam, thankfully Actio is well experienced in this area and in a prime position to help you reclaim your funds and hold these scammers accountable. It’s important to act fast, so for a no obligation consultation on how we can help, contact now. 

Factory Sourcing in Thailand

Trade, Import, Export, Supplier Scam Recovery

Any time a Thai company or person uses deceptive practices to lure you in, fails to deliver on the agreement, or is a complete scam, they should be held accountable and you should be compensated appropriately. In Thailand, it can be in the range of extremely hard to impossible, for a foreigner and/or foreign company to receive any justice and reclaim your funds. Actio bridges this gap, with our expert lawyers, governmental network and investigation units, we are able to track down the company, review all contracts, gather evidence and reclaim your money through a variety of legal channels in Thailand. Your money is not yet lost, but it’s important to act fast, for a no-obligation consultation on how we can reclaim your money, contact now.

Love Scam Help Thailand

Love & Romance Scam Recovery

These types of scams are unfortunately very common in Thailand. They can take a variety of shapes, usually, you really like / love a person and they ask you to send money for whatever reason. You later find out they were never interested in you, only your money and may have several people they are scamming in the same way. It’s important to know you are not the only one this has happened to, and you won’t be the last. We are here to help and you will be surprised and what you can do to reclaim your money, and hold the person accountable for how they have treated you, and what they have taken from you. It’s important to act fast, so for a no-obligation consultation, contact now.

Blackmail Help Thailand

Blackmail Help & Recovery

Blackmail covers a variety of scams and is when someone is trying to get you to hand over money or do something you don’t want to. Whether is personal or business-related blackmail, it’s important to stay calm, take a deep breath and understand all your options before acting. If you give them what they want right away, what’s to stop them from doing it to you again and again? It’s important to understand what options are available to you before making any decision. Even if the blackmailer is pressing you for time, remember they likely just want you to meet their demands, rather than punish you. If they carry out the threat before you pay, then they have nothing to blackmail you with, and nothing to gain. Stay calm and contact us for a no-obligation consultation immediately.

Online Scam Help Thailand

Online Scam Recovery

Online scams cover a huge array of scams and include anything that has been done over the internet. It may be that someone hacked you or got you to click on a link on a “phishing” email or text, gained access to your passwords and used this information to scam you out of real money. Whatever it was, with internet and technology scams you often need digital forensic experts to track down the scammers in the real world, and you need expert Lawyers to recover the funds and hold them accountable. We at Actio are very proud to be able to help people who have been a victim of online scams in all forms. If you have been a victim of a digital or online scam, it’s very important to act fast before the scammer has a chance to cover their tracks, contact now for a no-obligation consultation.

Reclaim Scammed Money

Asset Recovery in Thailand

After a person or company has been scammed, defrauded, or conned out of something rightfully theirs, what they usually want most is to recover what they lost. We are experts in tracking down scammers and the assets they took, holding them accountable and recovering the assets. This can be done in Thailand or anywhere in the world. Scammers can be very sophisticated in where they hide themselves and the assets they took. Whether in Thailand or abroad we can track them down, gather evidence, hold them accountable with legal pressure or take them through the courts, and recover your assets. For the best chance of success, it’s important to act fast. For a no-obligation consultation contact today.

Corporate Fraud Thailand Help

Corporate Fraud Recovery

There are near-infinite ways in which corporate fraud and scams can occur. In summary, it’s when an individual or company uses illegal, unethical or deceptive business practices for their own benefit. It may the case where a previous employee stole sensitive customer data and started their own rival company with it. It may be the company you entered into a contract with, was intentionally deceptive. It may be you hired a contractor to carry out work, and they massively exaggerated their expenses, so they can charge you more.
However it occurred, corporate fraud can be extremely sophisticated and as a result requires expert investigators to gather evidence and expert lawyers to build a case against them, hold the culprits accountable and reclaim your funds. With the best Investigators and Lawyers Thailand has to offer, we have extremely high success rates with corporate fraud cases and are here to help.
For a no-obligation consultation on how we can help you fight this, contact us today.

Bank and credit card fraud help

Financial & Banking Scam Recovery

Bank fraud can include any type of scheme where a scammer can gain access to your money within a financial institution. The scammer may have a copy of your card details, or used various means to gain access to your log-ins or sensitive banking information. They then pretend to be you to gain access to your account and steal your money by transfer or purchasing items online. It may also be the case where the scammer forged financial documents or cheques in your name without you knowing or being fully aware.
Whatever the case, often banks are not able to help as they would have to hire a professional investigator etc. We have professional investigators, so we can help.
With these cases, it’s important to act fast, for a no-obligation consultation contact today.

Identity Theft Help Thailand

Identity Theft Recovery

One of the fastest-growing crimes globally, identity theft is where a scammer uses your identity or any other means of pretending to be you, so that they can gain access to your assets, take a loan out and more. This is a common problem as it can be hard to trace the scammer, and they get away with it, so they keep doing it. Often banks and police are unable to help with this kind of thing, as the person was pretending to be you at the time, and it requires expert investigation.
This is where Actio can help, we have expert investigators all over Thailand and abroad. We can track down the scammer, hold them accountable under the law of the country where the offender acted out their scam or misbehavior and we combine that law with the law of your country as a victim. This makes the case “and international crime” which requires specialists. We of Actio ARE those specialists for you. Contact now, for a no-obligation consultation on how we can help.

100% Confidential and Discreet

How do we catch the scammers?

In short, we use a combination of expert digital and physical private investigators to trace clues they have accidentally left online and offline. As an all in one service, we also handle judicial reports and reports at the respective police departments. We put together all the pieces of the puzzle and locate the scammer.

We gather evidence and build a case. We have the best lawyers in Thailand and take the scammers through the courts, reclaim your funds and where applicable, prosecute them. 

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We are the only service in Thailand with experts in reclaiming funds lost from all sorts of personal and corporate / trade scams. 

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We take care of everything so you don’t have to. From investigations, tracking them down, legal proceedings, reclaiming funds. All of it. 

Helping with Scams in Thailand


Our clients trust us to always have their best interests at heart. Our clients needs comes first, always. 


We are very proud of our high success rate, in reclaiming our client’s funds and seeking justice on their behalf. 

Asset Recovery Thailand

How do we reclaim your assets / funds?

Once our expert investigators have found the scammers and gathered the evidence, with the best lawyers in Thailand, we start the process of reclaiming the funds through the Thai courts and official channels. 

Even if you are unsure, as to whether you have a case or not, or feel you aren’t able to combat this scammer, we want you to know that help is at hand.

You will be surprised at what we are able to do for our clients, to help reclaim their funds and seek justice. 

Find out how we are going to help you, and contact now. 

Recent Testimonial

“My firm nearly lost close to $95,000 US with a supplier of nitrile gloves in Thailand, however with Actio we were able to get the company to hand it back over. For a client of ours, we have had to seek suppliers from several different sources, Thailand was one. We performed due diligence on the company in question, they had great reviews and everything seemed fine. We purchased the initial order, and shortly after they were making delays and excuses. They said due to demand it had been really busy and to please bear with them, so we did with this order, as we felt there wasn’t much else we could do. However, the delays kept coming, and we started to get worried. 

We asked them to cancel the order and provide a full refund, they claimed this was not possible and the contract did not allow it. We told them in the contract that the order was to be fulfilled by November 2020, which it was not, and ergo they had broken the contract. They claimed that this wasn’t valid as some of the clauses were not enforceable under Thai law. So we looked for a Lawyer in Thailand and found Actio. We originally had a legal consultation to find out if we had a leg to stand on or not, they reviewed our contracts and found that what the company (I can’t say their name here), was doing, was still fraud under Thai law. Apparently this scam company does this kind of thing a lot, taking orders they can not fulfill on time, and not providing any refunds. If we get the gloves when the pandemic has ended, that’s hardly of use to the people who need them now!

Anyway, Actio was able to track down the real address, not just their public one. They contacted them on our behalf, opened discussions and put legal pressure on them to refund our money as they had not fulfilled our order. Thankfully they were able to sort it, without having to go to court.

What was really amazing, is Actio was then able to help us find proper suppliers, do all the due diligence and draw up contracts that have us protected fully under Thai Law. We were really not expecting this and it has been such a wonderful service. With them we now have a supplier that we make regular orders with, our shipments arrive on time, we have a great price, and it all runs smoothly without me having to stress about it anymore.
So I’m writing this long review as thanks. Highly recommended.

Ollie Robbins

Logistics Manager

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