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“I love it here, so I wanted to establish my company here and I needed a Lawyer to consult on the legalities of the whole process, as well as opening a company here as a “farang”, and I was so impressed. Other lawyers I had spoken to could only really help with legal paperwork and were difficult at best and not very western friendly.

With Actio, I spoke to western people on the phone, they called on several western and Thai lawyers, and were able to advise on each individual facet of what I wanted to do. They are not just legal consultancy, but consultancy on it ALL. I have not come across as service like this in Thailand. I set my company up with them, they’re accountants handle my tax here and more. They have been able to consult not just on legal things, but they see the overall bigger picture.
They are now my go place for all legal, business, tax, visa, marketing and staff consultancy. The only way I can describe them are like a top of their game, all-in-one, legal and business consultancy service, run like a premiere western service, but In Thailand. They are one of a kind. Thank you so much.

Discreet Customer

Managing Director
“After 6 years of what I thought was a happy marriage, me and my wife separated and then divorced. I was really worried about my assets, I have some here in Thailand but have more abroad. Actio helped me out so much in all this. They protected me from losing an unfair amount, which I thought was impossible in this county. They also were then able to advise me on how to better protect my assets in Thailand and abroad much better. The legal side of what they offered was fantastic, but I really wasn’t expected the full tax, business and investment consultancy to come along with it.

Actio is is the real deal, and the whole package. So impressed with a service like this in Thailand. I can not recommend these guys enough. I’m writing this long review, purely as a thank you for what they did for me. Thank you guys, it’s been great and look forward to working together much more in the future.

Mark Webb

Real Estate Investor
“I’ve been using Actio Consultancy for a range of business services for a over a year and I can highly recommend them. I first found them with the mystery shopper service and they were great. My staff was actually performing ok, they weren’t rude or lazy when I wasn’t there which I was happy about. But they were really in depth and provided our company with lots of insights and tips on how to improve not only our customers service, but also our whole sales process to be more customer focused and profitable. It’s helped a great deal, customers find it much easier to purchase with us and we see a lot more repeat customers now. I can highly recommend Actio Consultancy.”

Samboon Thongkham

Managing Director
“I was genuinely very stuck until I found these guys. With amnesty ending and no real solutions for a long term visas, I was recommended to Actio by a friend who use them before. All the advice on online forums, was like a brick wall, offering no solutions I wanted. I was so surprised what could actually be done. We had a coffee, discussed some solutions, I picked the one that suited me best. They were able to take care of the whole process from there. I now have a full official longer term visa, that was sorted out over coffee. Compare that to the hours and hours I have spent pulling my air out at immigration offices and the guess work of deep in online forums. I will be recommending your services to pretty much everyone I come across.”

James McCreedy

Digital Nomad Marketer
“I will just say this, if you want to be in Thailand long term, contact them now. Unless you’ve already been here years and can speak fluent Thai, for a Farang it’s near impossible to navigate through the minefield alone. Thailand is a wonderful country, but it has it’s difficulties, and immigration is one of them. These guys removed all barriers that were immovable for me, and I’m now able to stay long term, all 100% official and legit. I was so worried before as I thought I’d have to go home and leave my girlfriend. But thankfully I can breath a sigh of relief, relax and enjoy my time here. It’s been a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Thank you.”

Mark Eccles

Freelance Accountant

“I’m not including my name, as I used Actio for Private Investigation, but I’m reviewing as I’m grateful for their service. I work a lot abroad and due to the pandemic I haven’t been able to come back in to Thailand since it locked down. I was worried my wife of 1 year, may be seeing someone else, for reasons I won’t get in to. They carried out their investigation over 2 weeks in Bangkok where she lives. They were very thorough, professional and discreet. I won’t say what they found, but let’s just say I’ll be using their legal consultancy throughout the divorce. My advice would be, if you have doubts or concerns, use Actio to get you some answers”

Discreet Customer

Managing Director

“After a few years in Thailand, doing border runs etc. Once I had maxed those out I would stay in Cambodia or elsewhere for a good few months and then fly back in. I was even eventually refused entry as I came in on a tourist visa, and how much time I had spent here, and mainly in Chiang Mai, the immigration officer refused me as he didn’t think I was a tourist. I eventually got back in, but staying in a Bangkok detention centre to be deported, was not a fun experience. But I love Thailand and I love my Thai girlfriend, so I needed a long term solution, but seemed to be no way to stay here long term, until I was recommended to contact Actio. I now have a 1 year Non Immigrant Visa, which I should be able to get again and again, which I thought would be impossible for me. I can not recommend Actio enough, they have literally changed my life. Cheers guys”

Jason Ellem

Remote Content Writer

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