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We are an all-in-one service, assisting foreign companies in establishing trustworthy channels in Thailand for Nitrile Glove sourcing. Unlike any other, we also provide full legal protection and negotiate favorable contract terms to protect your interests. For a no-obligation consultation, on how we can help you, contact today.

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How is Actio Different?

There are unfortunately Nitrile glove suppliers in Thailand that are a complete scam, raise their price for foreign companies, over-promise on capacity and leave companies open to legal liabilities under Thai Law.

With the pandemic, the need for Nitrile gloves from Thailand has increased. However, this rise in demand has also lead to a rise in scams. There are fake suppliers, there are real suppliers and there are even fake suppliers expertly pretending to be the real ones. This makes it an almost impossible task to successfully navigate as an outsider. 

Actio bridges this gap. With our trusted network of pre-established channels, suppliers and manufacturers, we are not only able to get the best price, but unlike any other, we are also able to offer full legal protection under the Thai legal system.

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The Benefits of Our Network

We strongly believe in doing business by forming quality relationships and providing real value with integrity and openness.

Over the years we have fostered and nurtured quality relationships with various agencies, governments and governing bodies in Thailand and various other countries. This has uniquely positioned us to offer immense value to our clients.

For example, our strong connections with the FDA, as well as Thai Ministries of Commerce and Industry, give us insights and abilities that others simply don’t have. This is extremely useful when you want things to run smoothly.


Nitrile Glove Manufacturer Sourcing in Thailand

Why Choose Actio For Nitrile Glove Sourcing in Thailand?

1. Established Network

Based in Thailand, we have an extensive network of trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers. Moreover, we have the capability to outsource and get new suppliers to meet all our client’s individual needs.

2. Legal Protection

Unlike any other service, with the best lawyers that Thailand has to offer, Actio is able to perform due diligence on suppliers, draft contracts according to Thai law and offer full legal protection for our clients.

3. The Best Thai Prices

In some cases, when a Nitrile Glove supplier is dealing with a  foreign business, they try to charge higher prices. Through our established network we are able to negotiate the best price for our customers.

4. All In One Service

We are able to take care of the complete process for our clients: from sourcing to due diligence, vetting, negotiating, drafting contracts, export and forwarding facilities to ongoing management. Saving you time, money and risk.

Recent Reviews & Success Stories

"I originally hired Actio to help with a company that scammed me for a large amount of money promising a large number of boxes for my company. We sell them on and have buyers waiting so we needed it to go smoothly. The company we chose, seemed good on paper and everything seemed to check out as far as we were aware. We ordered 50k boxes and we had no idea of the hell that was to come with this company. They were nowhere near able to me this demand, either they were too busy already or they just overpromised so as not to get a customer. Whatever it was, the order was always "ready soon, by this date, by this date". We got excuse after excuse, until eventually months later, we still hadn't received any gloves. We demanded our money back as they had not fulfilled their end of the contract. They told us that we were in the wrong and they were not going to pay us back and if we wanted to fight them on it, we could see them in court.

So we hired Actio originally for legal help with this company, they were able to point out to us, that a lot of the contract terms were not enforceable under Thai law. However, there are some terms which they did break that we should be able to get them on. Actio has been great through this process. The guys at Actio then offered us this service, to help us find a real supplier and facilitate the whole process to make sure the same issues didn't happen. We are currently making regular orders with the supplier they found, they also drafted the contract so the same issues as before don't happen. We have since upped the scale of our orders as the arrangement has been working so well, I just wish we had found Actio earlier and saved ourselves the time and money the previous company costs us. Thank you guys. "
Private Investigation in Bangkok Review
Ernie Jayceon
Logistics Manager
"Actio has been amazing from the start. My business partner and I source and resell nitrile gloves amongst other medical equipment. Actio has been crucial in our success with outsourcing to Thailand. We aren't able to be there currently and we don't know the Thai legal system or export regulations, etc, so it was proving difficult and taking far too long for us to find a reliable trustworthy supplier we could rely on consistently. We found Actio on Google, we arranged a consultation and haven't looked back. I was able to arrange an appointment to speak with their Managing Director from Europe. and we have a great relationship to this day, he is really easy to talk to and knowledgeable about this kind of thing in Thailand. They basically facilitated each part of the process and made it run much smoother than we thought would happen. We gave them what we wanted in terms of certifications, specs, quantity etc. They came back with a few suppliers and gave us details about each including pros and cons. We chose the one that suited us best. They were able to contact and inspect the company on our behalf, did all due diligence legally and physically on site. Once we were happy to go with this company, they negotiated the price per unit lower than we expected and also draft the contracts of the deal to make sure we had protection under Thai law. So far, without stress, we have received 4 on-time monthly shipments of gloves and have been very happy. We don't have to worry about any logistics or management on the Thai side, Actio has that covered for us on an ongoing basis. Well recommended."
Natasha Kailyn
Cheif Operating Officer

Thai Trade & Company Scam Recovery

What to do if I have already had a bad experience with a nitrile glove supplier / manufacturer in Thailand?

We can not only help you find a great supplier of Nitrile Gloves in Thailand, but we can help you reclaim the lost funds from a previous one. Find out more here with our Scam Recovery Service.

Whether the company did not hold up their end of the arrangement, performed poorly or it turned out to be a complete scam, this is something we deal with often and your money is not yet lost.

With the best Lawyers available in Thailand, we have helped countless companies reclaim lost funds from so-called nitrile glove suppliers and manufacturers. Some of our most common cases are reclaiming money lost from fake nitrile glove company scams, as well as fake representatives claiming to work for real suppliers.

Our private investigators track down the culprits, gather evidence and then our expert lawyers use this to build a case and reclaim the funds for you through appropriate legal channels in Thailand.

In Depth: How Does Our Service Work?

In short, we are an all one service for all Nitrile Glove sourcing, manufacturing and shipping from Thailand, which unlike any other, includes full legal protection.


We assist foreign companies in establishing new product sourcing channels in Thailand. As Nitrile Glove manufacturer sourcing and facilitating, is one of our most popular services, we are experts in finding our clients the perfect supplier company in Thailand, that fits their individual needs and also in negotiating favorable contract terms to protect our client’s interests.

We have dedicated European and Thai staff who are familiar with Thai regulations, quotas, export regulations, taxes and can overcome the obstacles of on-the-spot negotiations that occur from time to time, helping smooth out problems and expedite the process.

We will also provide full legal protection to ensure that the manufacturer or supplier company has the legal capacity to carry out the requested commercial activity and is capable of producing and delivering the requested product to the specifications and medical certifications agreed upon. We will also assist in negotiating a contract between you and the supplier company, that is favorable to your interests and ensure that such terms are valid and enforceable under Thai law. 



By providing us with your individual requirements we can source the most suited and skilled manufacturers who can produce the order of nitrile gloves according to your desired specifications, certifications, quantity, quality, time frame, etc.

Through our comprehensive contact database and our extensive network of reliable suppliers and manufacturers, we can find the best manufacturers for your individual needs and supervise production of the gloves on your behalf.

Our staff can supervise the entire manufacturing process, quality control, material and component availability, as well as protect any design and intellectual rights of our clients. We will also assist in the shipment process at the Thai customs department to ensure that the product is delivered correctly to its destination.

We coordinate with multiple manufacturers and suppliers for the production and supply of any type of nitrile gloves requested. Working directly with the manufacturers gives us the ability to reduce production unit price substantially, ensure on-time production, all while still maintaining the highest quality.




  • Analyze the info provided by the client regarding the type of gloves requested, specifications, amounts, target, delivery date etc.
  • Attend the marketplace and contact Thai manufacturers to establish production capability, availability, quality and price per unit.
  • If price and quality parameters are acceptable, we may request the manufacturer to produce appropriate samples or prototypes of the nitrile gloves for approval.
  • Once samples are approved and a product order is placed, we can verify all manufacturing, payment and shipping logistics upon the client’s request.




1. Corporate Due Diligence Investigation

After we analyze the product, we will inform the client about the list of manufacturing companies that can produce the nitrile gloves requested, according to the client’s requirements and budget. 

We will provide a list of certified nitrile glove manufacturers, before entering into a business relationship with a Thai company it is essential to conduct preliminary research about the actual legal status of the company in question.

We provide a clear corporate report in English within 5 business days to verify if the company in question is a legitimate company that can comply with the terms of the agreement. Our reports include the following corporate information about the company in question: 

  • Current status of the company to ensure that the company is registered with the relevant Thai government departments and operational.
  • Date of company registration and current company address.
  • Commercial objectives of the company. 
  • Confirmation that the company has the physical and legal capacity to carry out the requested commercial activity, is capable of producing and delivering the requested product and at the quantity and quality agreed upon.
  • Name of the current company directors with authorized binding signature. It should be noted that if the contract is signed by a person other than the authorized person, the company will not be responsible for breaching the contract in the event of a legal dispute.
  • Information on the company’s registered capital and net profits from the previous year to ensure that the company has sufficient assets to bear the compensation cost in case of legal dispute.


2. Conclusion of the Negotiations

Once we have found a legitimate Thai company that can produce and deliver the requested order and is able to meet your requirements, we can assist you in establishing favorable contract terms with the Thai company in question, that protect your interests.

Our firm has extensive experience negotiating contracts on behalf of our clients with Thai entities from several business sectors as factories, suppliers, agents, developers, consultants, etc to obtain a fair price for the products or services intended. We are also highly experienced in establishing favorable contract terms for our clients, in terms of penalties in case of breach of agreement, payment terms, product description, quality control, terms of delivery, etc.


3. Commercial Agreement

Once the negotiation has been successfully concluded, it is essential to formalize the terms of the business relationship through a written contract and ensuring that such terms are valid and enforceable under Thai law.

The general contract principles of Thailand are detailed in the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand. Although Thailand is generally a ‘freedom of contract’ civil law jurisdiction, certain agreement’s provisions might be not permissible or enforceable according to the Thai Unfair Contract Terms Act and other local regulations.

Our expert team of lawyers will assist in the preparation of an enforceable contract which will help you to conclude successfully the commercial operation.



We are even able to manage the shipping process if the customer requires it. This includes help with receipts and documentation required by Thai export rules and regulations. This ensures that locked and blocked trade delays for days or even weeks is something that does not happen with Actio.

Blocked, locked and delayed shipments due to errors in paperwork cost a lot of money. As we have helped new clients out of these difficult situations, we know this all too well. It’s better to have our experts get it right for you the first time.


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