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English & Thai speaking, foreigner friendly, mystery shopping team. Worried about your customer service experience? Unsure about how your staff acts when you are not there? Then our mystery shopping service is perfect for you.  For more advice, with a no-obligation consultation on how we can solve your problem, question, or concern, contact us today. 
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"Our coffee shop is very popular but recently we had been getting many complaints about the service. Customers were getting the wrong orders, orders taking longer than normal and staff being rude. This really disappointed me. I didnt know what to do at the time and I was recommended Actio and they offered exactly what I needed. A mystery shopper. They came and observed my staff like they were just a customer. I was advised to not be there just to see exactly how my staff acted. The results I was given were really suprising. The problems were found and have been dealt with. My business is no longer having issues again which is fantastic. I am really happy with the mystery shopper. Thank you Actio."
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Discreet Customer
Coffee Shop Manager
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Mystery Shopping Service in Bangkok & All Thailand

Do You Really Know What Your Staff Is Up To?​

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It can be hard to find good staff, and even if they are good, do you really know the level of service they provide when you aren’t there? 

Poor customer service, will cost you customers, and money. People talk and recommend businesses, and bad stories spread faster than good ones. Make sure your staff is providing the best service they can. You are paying them to, you might as well make sure they do. 

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Why does my business need a Mystery Shopper?

Well there are two kinds of clients we receive, the ones that feel their workers are not performing well when they are not around, and the ones that simply want to improve their service and sales process as much as possible. No matter which one you are, we will make sure we help you reach your business goals and more.

Our service is based all over Thailand, but most of the mystery shopping we do happens in Bangkok. We have designed our mystery shopping service to be the most effective available on the market. We don't just point out the faults, but we give real actionable advice and strategies on how you can improve your customer service, sales process, customer experience and overall profit and grow. Our service is designed to easily pay for itself with the improvements and growth our clients experience when they implement our strategies.

What makes Actio the best for mystery shopping and business consultancy in Thailand?

Actio International Consultancy has a team of business and sales process specialists not just in Bangkok, but all over Thailand. With decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge we are the absolute number 1 choice when any of our clients need any sort of sales, business, legal, marketing, branding, corporate strategies or anything else. We have well and truly seen and done it all, and we are always eager to learn and be better. We are always looking for new ways to innovate and evolve our business and that of our clients. This thirst to be better, to be more, to improve and to grow our business, is a mentality that we take and pass to all of our mystery shopping clients and business consultant clients. We are passionate about improvement and growth, and we are passionate about your companies improvement and growth. If you contact today, you will not be disappointed in what we can do for your business.

"I've been using Actio Consultancy for a range of business services for a over a year and I can highly recommend them. I first found them with the mystery shopper service and they were great. My staff was actually performing ok, they weren't rude or lazy when I wasn't there which I was happy about. But they were really in depth and provided our company with lots of insights and tips on how to improve not only our customers service, but also our whole sales process to be more customer focused and profitable. It's helped a great deal, customers find it much easier to purchase with us and we see a lot more repeat customers now. I can highly recommend Actio Consultancy."
Mystery Shopping service in bangkok review
Somboon Thongkham
Managing Director

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