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3% of all global insurance claims are proven to be fraudulent. Unproven but suspected fraudulent claims are estimated to be as high as 30%.

This is costing your insurance company millions of dollars per year.

Our global team is going to track down your suspected fraudulent claims, discreetly prove they are fraudulent, and our legal team will then recover the funds on your behalf. 

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“Actio really helped us out. We were losing money hand over fist due to insurance fraud and fraudulent claims. Most of which we could never prove and others would cost us too much to find out. Actio did the heavy lifting for us, fantastic. Since we have been working with Actio Consultancy we have saved so much money.”

John B Morriss

Insurance Broker

DBD Verified Consultancy Business Thailand

Actio Consultancy is a five star rated Private Investigator Service, and also an officially registered Thai company with the DBD.

Fraud Investigation Services

This is a small sample of our expertise. For full details on how our experts will help you combat insurance fraud, contact now.
Health Insurance Fraud Action Consultancy

Health Insurance Fraud

Health insurance provides many opportunities for scammers to defraud insurance companies. Either through claims with false identities or inflated claims. Our experts are able to dive deep in to the details to uncover the truth.

Car Insurance Fraud

Motor Vehicle insurance is very comon globally. Whether it’s inflated claims, staged car crashes, selling cars to chop shops that have been report “stolen”, it’s costing your company money. Let’s put a stop to it.

Life Insurance Fraud

Whether it’s taking out a plan on someone with an undeclared short life span, buying a plan under false circumstances, or in extreme cases faking a persons death. Our experts will find out the truth.
Travel Insurance Fraud Actio Consultancy

Travel Insurance Fraud

The illegal act of making false claims for lost travel expenses or items is extremely common. We’ll help you prove these claims are false and reclaim the lost funds.

Home Insurance Fraud Actio Consultancy

Home Insurance Fraud

Whether it’s overstating or lying about the extent of the loss due to theft or damage to the home. This is extremely common and expensive for any insurance company.

Finance and Bank Insurance Fraud Actio Consultancy

Financial & Corporate Fraud

These are complex cases that require expert level investigation. From surveillance to document analysis, we will dive in deep to uncover the truth.

Fraud Investigator Thailand

A Unique Style of Fraud Investigation

As you know, insurance fraud is costing your insurance company millions and millions of dollars and/or euros per year. We are fully aware of this fact as well. 

Insurance fraud totals 3% of all insurance claims globally, and up to 30% of all claims are suspected to be fraudulent. 

Considering this fact, you are losing millions of dollars and/or Euros per year!

We offer the solution, to help you lower this risk. 

Fraudulent claims are taking money directly out of your revenue, profit, company value, your product value, and the value to your shareholders. 

Unfortunately, fraud is as old as human beings, however, recent decades have shown, every year insurance fraud is rising up to alarming levels. We can actually help you reduce your big problem. 

Actio is an international consultancy firm and part of a worldwide network of well-respected consulting firms, with decades of experience in the high-end market, and offers unmatched global solutions to help you fight your battles.  

Our well-connected experts in private investigation will work passionately, in a highly confidential manner, to help you drastically reduce your fraud cases. 

What Is Actio Offering?

Recent Reviews & Success Stories

I use Actio to lessen my organizations level of risk with fraud claims. They have always done a great job. When ever we have a large claim and we suspect misleading or inaccurate information provided by the claimant, we use Actio to investigate. If they also think there is a case and the client has been dishonest they provide a deep investigation and are able to not only prove the claim is fraudulent, which we use legally refused the claim, or if the client has already received the fund, they are able to reclaim the funds for us. This perfect for us and a win win. We plan on using Actio for many years to come.
Private Investigation in Bangkok Review
Peter Eccles
Managing Director
"I'm involved in a company financing consulting service. We have used Actio numerous times for the one service. They help us with quite few things and I get along with them on a personal level not just professional. Which is why I'm being so kind to write this review. Every time we need an asset search, they are our only go to guys. We have a common type of case, where a company is seeking finance, and when perform an asset search, we find find they are artificially inflating their total asset value, to use as collateral to borrow a bigger sum than they should be able to. As you can imagine this is information we need to know. Actio is very adept at getting this information for us, every time."
Director Of Operations

100% Confidential and Discreet

Global Insurance Fraud Investigators​

Say goodbye to lost profit taken by illegal insurance claims.

Worldwide, we have tracked down suspect fraudulent claims, collected evidence to prove the level of fraud, and then our legal team has reclaimed the funds on behalf of our clients, saving them in total millions of dollars. We have agents worldwide and work globally. There is no where we can’t go. 

To find out how much we can save your insurance company per year, contact now. 

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All Fraud Investigative Services In One Place

We offer ALL types of Fraud Investigation Services. We are an all-in-one Insurance Fraud solution, there is nothing we can’t solve or advise on. Clients choose us because we are the most…


With a huge network of Fraud Investigation specialists, we have the best suited Fraud Investigator for your individual case and circumstance.


Our experts are the most incredibly thorough and discreet. If fraud has been committed we will find the evidence.

Cost Effective

All our Fraud Investigative solutions are priced appropriately, we never charge more than is required.


We operate on the highest standard available in terms not just of our work, but also our customer service and case sensitivity.


Why we are the best Fraud Investigation Service


With 80 years experience in the International consulting space, Actio takes that hands on experience ad expertise to Thailand. Setting up businesses, scaling marketing, handling tax, immigration, legal liabilities and much more. We have seen it all.

Fraud Investigator

We offer a huge range of Fraud Investigative services that match your budget and needs. What ever your need may be. We have the experts and the resources to solve it. There is no other service like this in Thailand, or globally. 

Highly Recommended

All of our services are 100% official, and highly recommended by our customers. We pride ourselves on our honesty and being trustworthy.

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