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I found Actio on Google, and I honestly can’t thank them enough. I met a man on a dating site who I really liked and he recommended I invest in Cryptocurrency as everyone else is doing these days, he suggested the site he uses. I’m not very good with technology so I had no idea it wasn’t a real site.

I invested $1000 first. Over the next few months, it kept rising in value, so I kept putting more and more money in, as I seemed to be getting a great return. In total I put $41000 of my own money in, the app said my balance had grown to $148,500 worth of a few different cryptocurrencies I invested in. 

When I went to withdraw, I was unable to. They claimed I have violated their terms of service, and that it would cost me a further $10k in penalty fees, to get my investment out. 

Alarm bells immediately went off in my head. I asked if they could just take the $10k out of my overall balance, they said no, I had to send them an additional $10k.

I knew something was really wrong, so I had a friend help me, and my heart sank, he told me that it wasn’t a real cryptocurrency trading app, but a copy of a well know one. I was so embarrassed, I would never have known the difference.

I contacted Actio, they were really helpful and advised me over the phone the information to gather and send to them. They were able to track down where the scammer in China, inform the local authorities, have them prosecuted, and recovered my money. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. 

Michelle Garrity


Crypto Scam Recovery Experts

Cryptocurrency Scam Recovery in Easy 4 Steps

1. Contact Actio

We consult with you on your situation and what options you have. We will ask you to give us all the information you have, to help us track down the scammers.

2. Investigation

With the limited information you give, our expert investigators will track down the scammers and gather evidence against them.

3. Legal Process

We will take care of the entire legal process of reclaiming the money. We can even press charges and prosecute the scammers.

4. Money Reclaimed

We reclaim the money on your behalf through legal proceedings and it’s sent directly to you. 

Types of Crypto Scam Recovery We Specialize In

Stolen Password Crypto Scam

Personal Data Breach

The business, exchange, or intermediary you are using to house personal log-in details for your crypto wallet may have been hacked, allowing the scammers steal your crypto assets. You may be entitled to compensation due to the business’s negligence, for your loss of money, privacy, and the emotional stress of being a victim or a crime.

Fake Bitcoin Scam Recovery

Fake Bitcoin Exchanges

As cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are very new for a lot of people. They can make the easy mistake of signing up for a fake (but very real-looking) cryptocurrency exchange platform. These platforms exist only to take people’s money and give them totally fake cryptocurrency numbers in their pretend online wallets. We will track them down for you.

Crypto Cash Scam Give Away

Celebrity Give Away Scams

These are very common. For example, there was a recent sketch on the tv show SNL, in which Elon Musk mentioned Dogecoin. The scammers then use the current celebrity’s name to promote their pretend giveaway scam. In which, for every $1000 you send them, you will instantly get $2000 back. This is a scam complete, but we can help. 

Travel Insurance Fraud Actio Consultancy

Fake Cryptocurrencies

With so many new cryptocurrencies coming out and rising to success so quickly. Some scammers will capitalize on this and make a fake cryptocurrency to sell. Pretending it’s the next Bitcoin, people invest millions, but the cryptocurrency is fake and has no value at all. If this has happened to you, we can help.

Crypto Hacking Scam RecoveryCrypto Hacking Scam Recovery

Malware Hacking

For years hackers have used malware to gain access to computer networks to credit card and bank details. With cryptocurrencies, this is no different. They use malware on your device to steal your log-in information for your Bitcoin or cryptocurrency wallet.

Finance and Bank Insurance Fraud Actio Consultancy

Old Fashioned Scams

Very similar to the scams that have been around a long time. Where a scammer will do whatever they can to get access to your bank account, but in this case, it’s access to your crypto accounts. They may call you pretending to be from the service you use to trade, to ask for your log-in details. If this has happened to you, we can help. It’s important to act fast.

Bitcoin Scam Recovery

How do we investigate crypto fraud?

  • We use sophisticated tracking techniques to follow the money to the final beneficiary. There is always a trail when actual money is changing hands. No matter how sophisticated their operation may be, we can find the trail.
  • We analyze in depth the transactions, the conversation history between you and the scammers, and all information you have on them. We look for slip-ups, patterns, and identifiable information, that make the trail to them a little clearer.
  • We use this information to search various databases looking for related offenses and collecting additional evidence on the scammers. 
  • We put all this information together to track down the con artist to their home country, and depending on their location we use several different strategies to recover our client’s money. 

Recent Reviews & Success Stories

I saw an ad for investing in new upcoming cryptocurrencies. I did some research and worked out which ones where hopefully good to invest in. I had heard of this crypto exchange before so I thought all was fine and legit. When I went to withdraw my funds I was unable to. I reached out to customer support but they were completely unresponsive. I invested 23k pounds over a period of 6 months, only to find I couldn't withdraw my money! I then found they weren't the established exchange I had heard of but basically a fake clone of them.
I was so angry.

Actio tracked them down to Malaysia, they put pressure on them, got the money back, and then we prosecuted the scammers anyway. Amazing!
Private Investigation in Bangkok Review
Stefan Fingal
London, UK
I had my account hacked and someone got my log in details and access to my online wallet and took all my crypto assets out. I genuinely thought there was nothing I could do.
Actio was able to find out it was a man I was chatting to online, from our conversations. They were able to track him down. They also found the account he moved the money to and were able to track him down.
He was in Bangkok, they found him and were able to recover the entire amount of nearly 3 million Baht in Bitcoin.
I can not recommend them enough.
Sushila Diklah
Bangkok, Thailand

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