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The premiere all in one business management consultancy in Thailand and Internationally. 

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Who is Actio Consultancy?

With over 80 years of consulting experience in Europe and Internationally, Actio brings that extremely high level of consulting to Thailand. 

The mission of Actio is to revolutionize Thai businesses to be able to run as efficiently, effectively, and to the same high standard as their western counterparts. 

We empower businesses to grow and thrive.

Leadership management consultancy

Management & Leadership Consultancy

How effective the leaders are dictates how effective the organization is. All businesses can benefit from developing the leadership and management skills of their senior staff and managers. 

Operational & Processes Consultancy

The day-to-day system and operations need to be optimized to run as efficiently as possible, maximizing gain and cutting wastage. If a business is going to succeed in this ever changing world, it needs to run like a well oiled machine.

accounting consultancy for business

Accounting Consultancy

Expert financial, tax, and accounting management is often the difference between a business struggling and thriving. Our vetted experts will help you optimize your accounting and finances to help your business grow

IT Infrastructure Consultancy

Slow or inefficient IT infrastructure can be slowing your business and staff more than you know. Enable your staff to be able to much better work, with much better IT systems.

Sales & Marketing Consultancy

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, any business that wants to grow, or maintains its current level, can never afford to neglect this. Right now, customers are searching online for your services, can they find you?

Mystery Shopper & Sales Analysis

Staff, Sales, Customer Service Optimization.

One of our customer service and sales experts is able to monitor and analyze yours staffs performance and customer service. We’ll then help you optimize and improve this towards more profit and happier customers. 

Your staff are the main representatives for your business. How well do they represent your business when you are not around?

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What Makes Actio Consultancy Different?

In short, lots

With more than 80 years of consulting internationally, we have built a lot of connections, that we utilize on behalf of our clients to help them pull ahead of their competition. No one else has our network.

In this network, we have worked with the absolute best consultants, experts, and professionals imaginable, we bring the best people together on a case by case basis to make sure every client get s a service that they ever thought possible in Thailand.

Founded by and managed by two Europeans, Actio Consultancy brings that high level of expectations and standard to Thailand.

Business Management Consultancy



With a huge network of specialist consultants, will have the best suited expert for your individual case and circumstance.


All In One

We are able to see how your concern fits in with your lifestyle or business as whole. We see the bigger picture, and achieve the best result accordingly.



We will always give genuine and honest consulting advice. When we advise a client not to take a case, as it has a low chance of success. They know we have their interests at heart.



We have helped countless clients, and businesses protect their assets for the future, optimise their business, lifestyle, and much more.


Recent Reviews

"I am from London and I wanted to move to Thailand and set up my new company here. It was such a minefield, I really didn't know the best way to get started and was worried about making mistakes that could cost my business down the line. I found Actio on google when searching "company formation Thailand", I contacted them through Whatsapp, they arranged for me to speak with the Managing Director who was European, which was great for me as a non-native Thai. He gave me loads of great advice, on not just completing the paperwork to set up my company, but also a lot on running a business in Thailand and how to really make it work. I have since used their service to set my company up, my website, my long term visas for me and my family, my Thai accounting, and we are currently looking at acquiring land for me to build on outside Bangkok. I can not understate the value that I have found with Actio, especially as non-native to Thailand and I don't speak the language. If I sought each service individually I'm pretty sure it would have very costly, just in not having quality professionals for the services I need. It's a genuine weight off my shoulders, knowing that if I need any sort of consultancy or professional service, I have westerners who understand my needs and can help me navigate Thailand. I'm writing this long review as a thank you, so thank you guys. I look forward to working with a lot more as my business is growing."
Jason Orkins
Digital Marketing Consultant​
"I love it here, so I wanted to establish my company here and I needed a Lawyer to consult on the legalities of the whole process, as well as opening a company here as a "farang", and I was so impressed. Other lawyers I had spoken to could only really help with legal paperwork and were difficult at best and not very western friendly.

With Actio, I spoke to western people on the phone, they called on several western and Thai lawyers, and were able to advise on each individual facet of what I wanted to do. They are not just legal consultancy, but consultancy on it ALL. I have not come across as service like this in Thailand. I set my company up with them, they're accountants handle my tax here and more. They have been able to consult not just on legal things, but they see the overall bigger picture.
They are now my go place for all legal, business, tax, visa, marketing and staff consultancy. The only way I can describe them are like a top of their game, all-in-one, legal and business consultancy service, run like a premiere western service, but In Thailand. They are one of a kind. Thank you so much.
Sophie Eccles

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