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From Europe To Asia, with experts all over the globe, Actio is the premier all in one consultancy firm. Actio is made up of world leading experts in all aspects of consultancy.

Attorney Thailand Review

“I nearly lost everything in my messy divorce with my ex-wife. I thought as a “farang” in Thailand I had no hope. Actio was really able to help me negotiate though the courts, what was fair. Thank you so so much.”

Attorney Thailand Review

Jeffery Marco

Managing Director

DBD Verified Consultancy Business Thailand

Actio Consultancy is a five star rated Legal Consultancy, and also an officially registered Thai company with the DBD.

Industry Leaders in International & Thai Consultancy

A high quality, ambitious and new generation of internationally focused consultancy in Thailand. Actio Global Consultancy is the name we selected to define our business. 

Actio is a word from the Latin language and means ‘action’. This word is exactly what defines our company and mentality. Our Actions speak louder than any words. We get results for our customers.

Expertise, opportunities, creation of solutions and guidance towards results.

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Our Most Popular Services

We offer a huge range of consultancy services to new and current clients. We are dedicated to what we do and always strive to be the best. Below is only a small sample of the most popular consultancy services we offer. If you need something not listed here then send us a message here.
Private Investigator

Corporate / Private Investigator

Actio offers a premium private investigation service to our clients. 
Do you need to gather information or evidence? Worried about your spouse cheating, or money being stolen? Need to carry out a large corporate fraud investigation? Our expert investigators and legal team are the perfect the choice to get the answers you deserve. 
Legal Consultant

Legal Consultancy

We work closely with a huge network of Thai and Western Lawyers ready to help with all your legal issues. With the very best lawyers available in each area of law, your case is in the best hands possible.  Expertly tailored to cater for the expat and international community, Actio will provide you a level of service and legal representation unmatched by anyone.

Business Consultant

Business Consultancy

Are you interested in forming a new Business in Thailand? Or are you looking to take your business to new heights of growth and achievement? Our international and Thai based business consultants have the skills and connections to open doors, and break glass ceilings for your business. 
For a no obligation consultation, on how we can make this happen, feel free to contact. 
Web Design and Marketing

Web Design

Every business needs a website, but a website is of no use if it doesn’t get traffic and make sales. If you want more sales through your website and marketing, contact for a no obligation consultation.

IT Consultant

IT Consultancy

Actio offers the lastest and greatest in IT Consultancy. Everything from remote tech support, and hacker proofing, to the highest level experts managing your IT infrastructure on site. 

Accountancy Consultant


Stop worrying about your taxes and accountancy. This is time that should be spend doing what you do best, running a successful business. Actio has the best possible International & Thai accountants and financial consultants. 

Private Investigator Thailand

Trusted & Discreet Private Investigation​

If you have questions, you need answers. We’ll get you those answers. Whether its a personal or corporate investigation, Actio has the expert investigators for you.  From cheating partners to gathering evidence for large legal cases, we’ve done it all.

Book your consultation now and get the answers you deserve.

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Consultancy The Right Way

We offer ALL types of Consultancy in Thailand. We are an all-in-one Consultant solution, there is nothing we can’t solve or advise on. People repeatedly choose us because we are…


With a huge network of specialist consultants, will have the best suited expert for your individual case and circumstance.

All In One

We are able to see how your concern fits in with your lifestyle or business as whole. We see the bigger picture, and achieve the best result accordingly.


We will always give genuine and honest consulting advice. When we advise a client not to take a case, as it has a low chance of success. They know we have their interests at heart.


We have helped countless clients, and businesses protect their assets for the future, optimise their business, lifestyle, and much more. 


Why we are the best International Consultancy Service


With 80 years experience in the International consulting space, Actio takes that hands on experience ad expertise to Thailand. Setting up businesses, scaling marketing, handling tax, immigration, legal liabilities and much more. We have seen it all.

All In One Consultant

We offer a one stop solution for all business and professional needs. What ever your need may be. We have the experts and the resources to solve it. There is no other service like this in Thailand, or globally. 

Highly Recommended

All of our services are 100% official, and highly recommended by our customers. We pride ourselves on our honesty and being trustworthy.

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